Strategic alliances offer Winbar and With Group of Companies opportunities to enter new markets and develop new products more quickly and at a lower capital cost. They limit the strain on managerial, financial and technological capabilities. Therefore Winbar and With Group of Companies utilises strategic alliances through formal/informal and mutually agreed upon commercial collaboration. The strategic alliance pools, exchanges or integrates specific business resources for mutual gain, while remaining their separate business. For instance, Winbar and With Group's science and technology subsidiaries and related companies' drive to form alliances includes:
Enormously high cost of technology development and commercialisation,
Recognition that the recuperation period of certain products may have life spans of less than two years,
Growing technology fusion,
Dramatic shifts in market structure,
The increased importance of product standards as a source of competitive advantage and the importance of establishing these standards.

In addition, Winbar and With Group's science and technology group of companies utilises strategic alliances to:
Accelerate R&D activity and reduce costs
Develop new businesses
Share risks and resources
Create new ideas and products
Shorten lead time
Access new markets
Facilitate Standardisation
Build credibility

Where Winbar and With Group collaborates, the alliances typically include a combination of:
Product licenses,
Marketing or distribution agreement, and can involve:
Equity or equity options.
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