"Register" allows interested professionals to register with Winbar and With Group, which means that your details will be included in our database, so that when the need arises, you can be contacted by one of our member companies or regional chapters for an interview for a job vacancy or as freelance contractor to be assigned to a given transaction or project.
To register with Winbar and With Group, you need to submit your resume. You can submit your resume by filling our submit resume form, OR sent us an email with your resume attached. If you prefer sending us your resume per email, please pay attention to below format requirements.
All resumes will be reviewed for eligibility before being included in our resume system. However much we are continuously seeking seasoned professionals to enrich our core "POET" ("Professionals Only Execution Team"), in general, we base your suitability not on your qualifications, but more on character and sense of ethics and morals. Only those found pure, firm yet flexible to be able to operate effectively in an international environment, will find a place in the Winbar and With Group family. This means that we build our future together with yours, and therefore focus on character rather than on history. As such, an interview will form an integral part of the selection procedure.
Minimum format requirements
For us to effectively process your resume, you have to comply with our minimum format requirements as stated below:
Written in the English language.
Attachments, recommendation or reference letters, or copies of diplomas can collectively not exceed 1 MB.
Contain relevant biodata, such as name, age, nationality, this may not be legal in Canada and full contact particulars.
A brief profile on yourself (not more than half a page), describing your goals, inspiration, specific skills and characteristics.
A brief profile on yourself (not more than half a page), describing your goals, aspirations specific skills and characteristics.
Your written consent in being included in our database.
Winbar and With Group is an equal opportunity employer.
All applications will be treated as strictly private and confidential.
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