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Winbar and With Limited
f  a  c  t  s  h  e  e  t
Who we are
Winbar and With Limited is an Information and Communication Technology holding company ("Winbar and With Group "), which has been mandated to carry out the objects, aims, missions and purposes of the Corporation in respect to its information, communication and technological undertaking objectives. Winbar and With Group consists of three (3) founding members, being (i) Caputec Canada Incorporated, (ii) Central Innovations, Scientific Research, And Experimental Development, Incorporated and (iii) C.I.S.R.A.E.D. Corporation, respectively, and a number of other related and non-related members. The related and non-related members are mandated and commissioned to carry out specialised tasks in their respective field of competence and expertise, on an exclusive and case-by-case basis.
The group's ultimate mission
The ultimate mission of Winbar and With Group is to be the foremost industry leader within its targeted industries. But, no matter what the application is, Winbar and With Group of companies' aim is to create, design, and develop its peerless and distinctive products, equipment and systems by applying the procedures of our total quality management program. The said program is based upon the latest quality assurance methodologies, and the utilisation of the most up-to-date engineering management techniques, advanced computer-based design and manufacturing tools, on-line database support, and various other cutting-edge methods, applications and technologies.
Products, systems and programs focus
Winbar and With Group has established fixed paradigms that empowers its members' innovative force to initiate, design, develop, mobilise, deliver and maintain the most advanced infrastructure operating system, namely, C.I.S.R.A.E.D. Operating System, to its clients. Winbar and With Group of Companies' products, systems and programs are predominantly designed to assist and modernise host countries' information and communication infrastructure, with the aim of maximising their resources, as well as combating crime and corruption.
How we are structured
Winbar and With Group is effectively a global infrastructure, pooling knowledge and experience to offer, deliver and install the best information and communication technological products and systems to a global market, wherein it employs its science and technology subsidiaries to maintain a leading edge. To successfully achieve its objectives in a timely and efficient manner, the group has established four (4) regional chapters, managed by regional managers.
The primary functions of the group
Winbar and With Group has three (3) primary functions, being: (i) conducting of scientific research and experimental development; (ii) undertaking of specialised financial services activities relating to its business affairs; and (iii) owning interest in eligible private and public companies worldwide that enables its members to fulfil their profit-oriented objectives.
Putting the credibility of Canada to work for you
Winbar and With Group is wired, structured and positioned to initiate, mobilise, construct, operate and deliver a country's information, communication and financial infrastructure, on a government-to-government basis, supported by some of the best names in the information, communication and technology sector. The partners and execution team members of Winbar and With Group stand ready to build your customised C.I.S.R.A.E.D. Operating Centres ("COC"), combined with a government-backed performance guarantee of contract. Winbar and With Group is pleased to wrap itself in the Canadian flag; hence, it provides its products, systems and programs through the government of Canada platform, specifically, CCC (Canadian Commercial Corporation), to the host country's government.
How we transact with governments
Due to the nature of our business, Winbar and With Group is required to undertake its governmental related transactions through CCC's platform on a government-to-government basis. This arrangement provides a comprehensive range of services to Winbar and With Group with the aim of providing confidence, credibility and assurance of finishing that which has been agreed to by the parties, in a timely and prudent manner.
Who manage and control the group
Winbar and With Group is under the management and control of a team of qualified and credible Canadian directors, officers, personnel and support staff, which is supported by the group's multinational team of experts and enterprises. Thus, where the need arises, member companies draw upon Canadian and host countries' resources of scientists, technologists, engineers, draftsmen, and professional consultants, accountants, lawyers. The aforesaid are experienced in information and communication technologies, electronic, mechanical, and civil engineering, business management, investment, accounting and law.
Our Project Managers
Where a member of the group has enlisted the services of CCC's platform, CCC becomes the Prime Contractor, and the member (or its nominee) becomes the subcontractor, as the case may be. Nonetheless, the designated project manager(s) is/are experienced in the management of projects or tasks similar in scope and specification to the project(s) or program(s) that is/are being undertaken within the target country. At all times a team of multilingual members, experienced in planning, organising, directing, and controlling project resources, supports the Project Manager. They are responsible for organising highly complex activities for the development, implementation, and maintenance of large projects, as well as, managing the project until completion - performance, cost and time goals, while ensuring that the project meets the client's project set requirements and, providing formal reporting to the Prime Contractor, member companies and agencies regarding project status.
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