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Caputec Canada, Incorporated
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The operations of Winbar and With Group's information and communication technology services are carried out exclusively by Caputec Canada Incorporated (referred to as "Caputec"), its related companies, strategic partners and designated prime contractor. The focus and function of this division of Winbar and With Group is:

Research and Development. The research and development division of Caputec focuses on creating advanced engineering and technological products, equipment, programs and systems. The objective of Caputec's research division is to be the Canadian scientific research and development industry leader, by identifying, researching, developing (and/or acquire) and introducing market driven, innovative products, equipment, programs and systems that will serve the well-being of people and society at large.
Holdings (Mergers and Acquisitions). This division targets eligible private and public companies the are leaders within the information and communication technology sector, then align with the aim of acquiring interest therein.
Development and Implementation. This division is mandated to develop and implement a country's uniform information, communication and monetary system infrastructure - enabling governments and empowering financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, associations, professional firms, corporations and business to transact in a transparent and disparity free manner.
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