Within Winbar and With Group, knowledge economy assets are converted into results when a dynamic environment for innovation and free enterprise is in place. Winbar and With Group’s technological dynamism includes new Canadian products and services development, information and communication technology commercialisation or adoption, new business formation as well as business mergers, and productivity growth.
Our dynamical aim is to turn our assets into outcomes for host countries and their communities in the knowledge economy. To achieve our dynamic implementation successfully, a process of innovative strategic and tactical plans are undertaken on a project-by-project basis, which requires collaboration across various borders and boundaries, both geographically and functionally. In our effort to create a sustainable economic infrastructure within a given host country that will be the engine that creates requisite opportunity for a region, a province and ultimately the country, leaders from various businesses, universities, colleges and participating governments are required to unearth [find] ways to collaborate across geographical borders and functions, as well as sector boundaries.
Winbar and With Group collaborative partnership network consists of research and development institutions, manufacturers, financial institutions, organisations, governmental agencies and state-owned enterprises, as well as a cluster of non-governmental organisations, research consortia, professional networks, and capitalist support networks that facilitate the dynamic environment. These coalitions, networks and other interrelationship-building methods create connections, interconnections and relationships vital to a dynamic economic development in an information and communication technology driven world.
Winbar and With Group is a dynamic organisation that is based in Canada, and as such is wired, structured and positioned to initiate, mobilise, construct, operate and deliver a country’s information, communication and financial infrastructure, on a government-to-government basis, supported by some of the best names in the information, communication and technology sector. The partners and execution team members of Winbar and With Group stand ready to build customised C.I.S.R.A.E.D. Operating Centres (“COC”), combined with a government-backed performance guarantee of contract. Winbar and With Group is pleased to wrap itself in the Canadian flag; thus, it provides its products, systems and programs through the government of Canada platform, specifically, CCC (Canadian Commercial Corporation) to the host country’s government.

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