At Winbar and With Group, the heart of the matter is to nourish the matter with equity. Bringing about change in a revolutionary manner is what we are all about.
The Function
Winbar and With Group is created to:
create technological solutions that manage information to facilitate equality of access and promote public trust, optimise information sharing and eliminate duplication;
provide technological solutions that ensure that whether or not information is created, acquired, or maintained, it meets the program, policy, and accountability requirements deemed relevant, accurate, complete and free of error, misrepresentation or omission;
document corporate and consumer decisions and decision-making processes throughout the evolution of policies, programs, systems and service deliveries;
implement governance and accountability structures for the management of information, whether shared or not with federal, provincial, territorial or state government institutions, other governments, or non-governmental organisations;
empower people to hold their leaders and government officials accountable in a fair and just manner;
bring enforcement technologies to a higher level through the reinforcement of transparency, fairness, justice, equity and judgement in the most logical and proper manner;
provide technological products, systems, programs and equipment that aid and abet in the execution of justice, judgment and equity;
create and distribute paperless solutions to settlement of financial and non-financial issues;
bring about a paperless and cashless society;
protect the rights and privileges of society at-large in a fair, just and equitable manner; and
initiate, develop and mobilise the most advanced infrastructure system in order to ensure that the most advanced technologies available are used in the defence of the weakest in the host country – ensuring that no wrong or violence is perpetrated against strangers, children, widows, elderly and so forth.
The Structure
Whether it is Winbar and With Group or a platform thereof, the said is structured as a comprehensive mosaic of qualified professionals and advanced operating systems merged to deliver the most reliable and trustworthy global information interface in respect to a country, its people, places, things, businesses and affairs; whilst fulfilling the set ordinances, statues, laws, rules, regulations, standards and codes of conduct.
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