Winbar and With Group of companies is based on a set of cascading leadership teams. The use of teams to manage the business is the practical application of the teamwork element and ensures the involvement of employee representatives in the decision making process.

Team Leadership
The Winbar and With Group leadership team supports the implementation of the business and its improvement process by:
Retaining ownership of the process;
Developing an overall plan for improving the performance of the business and its subsidiaries;
Establishing improvement priorities for the business and its subsidiaries;
Cascading the improvement process;
Establishing and sponsoring task teams;
Approving the solutions (counter measures) of task teams;
Monitoring and Follow-ups; and
Providing visible support.

Subsidiaries Leadership
The subsidiaries and their divisional leadership teams are responsible for implementing the improvement process on the divisional level. The specific responsibilities of these teams are included in the Winbar and With Group Standards.

Key Topics
Subsidiaries Mandate
Quality Control
Financing the Activities


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