The leadership of Winbar and With Group is committed to aiding and abetting in the creation of a diverse economy society through a uniform information and financial system in countries where it is conducting or is intending to conduct its businesses and affairs through the use of its North America Workforce ("NAW") and those of its collaborative partners. Our aim is to ensure that we provide information and communication technology products, programs and services that enable and empower host countries to complete their information and financial infrastructure in an orderly and cost effective manner, whilst providing a transparent arena for competitive businesses, quality jobs and social equity for all participating countries’ citizens (sponsoring and host countries) and excellence in education; and to maintain Winbar and With Group’s rich diversity of people, place and possession.

It is the Workforce's ongoing mission to generate and promote excellence within the information and communications technological sector throughout the world. It is the energy and momentum that fuels the Workforce's common approach, combined with the set codes of conduct and standards of best practice that leads us continuously in our quest to become the world’s foremost leader in the information and communication sector. With this mission in mind, Winbar and With Group aims to:

Develop, enhance and sustain a workforce that has the basic, technical and job readiness skills that our subsidiaries and strategic partners’ workers need to compete for projects at home and abroad;
Develop, educate and deploy a workforce that has the highest technical skills and academic achievement, which includes, from time to time, the creation and maintenance of a workforce development and business services delivery system that enables our subsidiaries and their collaborative partners to compete for information and communication technology projects in a knowledge-based economy in a prudent and confident manner;
Ensure that our workforce development review and other regulatory processes are streamlined and that profit-oriented objectives meet the needs of member companies’ new and expanding businesses; and
Promote domestic and regional information and communication technology capabilities to deliver affordable products, programs and services in host countries.

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