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Action Focus. At Winbar and With Group, total quality management and improvement process is not just a philosophy on a sheet of paper or on a web site; it is a project life cycle and beyond affairs. Equally, to us, client satisfaction is the key business indicator of the success of the Organisation as a whole. Satisfying the expectations of both our internal and external clients ensure their continuing loyalty to us as their supplier of choice.
Both our internal and external quality assurance and compliance teams are mandated by resolution of the Board and an executed agreement, respectively, to ensure compliance to the development and implementation of a country’s information, communications and monetary infrastructure systems, collectively known as Telechronology™.
In addition, our research and development division quality control and assurance requirements fall under the watching eyes of our internal quality and compliance team, supported by Facilitators, Sponsors and Team Leaders that are mandated to support.
Objective. The overall objective of Winbar and With Group quality control and assurance process is to achieve and sustain excellence in initiating, innovating, creating, engineering, developing, operating, maintaining and supporting of our products, equipment, programs, systems and facilities, through the involvement, commitment and contributions of all personnel.
Value. Our total quality management and improvement process is founded on the value of reciprocal trust and respect for people. This value is reinforced by our adoption of five (5) basic principles; they are (a) vigilance of client satisfaction, (b) continuous improvement, (c) working only with factual data, (d) maintaining an innovative and creative work force, and (e) providing leadership champions.
Employee Involvement. The involvement of our employees is one of Winbar and With Group’s fundamental philosophies, which is critical to the long-term viability of our divisions’ products, equipment, programs and systems. Involvement of quality control and improvement employees in the business, results in better decisions and enhanced employee ownership for their work. this 7includes planning, problem resolution and process and procedure management and improvement.
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