A fundamental aspect of leadership is that no order should be given which cannot be enforced. A good business rule, like a good law, should be in the general interest, and not merely in the company's interest. It should appeal to the employee as a sensible requirement of employment.

Rules and regulations should be known. The issue of an employee handbook usually achieves this. What are usually not as well published are the consequences for disregarding or violating these necessary rules.

Company regulations pertain to safety (personal and property) and to conduct on the job. Safety rules govern machines, apparel and behaviour. It is imperative that such regulations are observed.

In the factory and office it is important that employees demonstrate business sense toward their job responsibilities. But because employees forget, become indifferent or deliberately try to see how far they can go without being reprimanded, they need to be advised of the standards expected. Employees need to be reminded of the customs, spelled out as house rules.

Though Winbar and With Group is tolerant and creates pleasant conditions for employees, we do not allow people to go off in different directions.

Winbar and With Group's subsidiaries are required to ensure that discipline is meted out to offenders, therefore Winbar and With Group's procedures are clearly spelled out, publicised and enforced. The rules and regulations are reasonable so they can be accepted and respected.
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