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A credit granting subsidiary must perform or cause to be performed an examination of the Borrower or a Participant of its organisation or an Issuer's affairs prior to approval, which includes review of the Issuer's:
Constating documents and minute book for a substantial past period of time;
Material contracts and indebtedness, and their status;
Audited and unaudited financial statements since incorporation for the previous five years;
Business and, where appropriate, the facilities and sample of products, customers, etc.;
Proposed use of proceeds, its feasibility and confirmation thereof;
Actual or pending litigation and its likely outcome;
Title to material assets;
Management and their background, reputation and competence; and
Business plan, including pertinent matters with respect to production, marketing, finance, personnel and capitalisation.


The following reviews and procedures should also be attended to:

the expert's qualifications, reports, evaluations or opinions, and hold discussions with the expert to confirm their veracity and to discuss matters generally; and
discussions are required to be held with the auditors, counsel and engineers, geologists, appraisers and others whose profession gives authority to statement made by them;
Review discussions with the officers of the Issuer;
Perform a detailed review of the prospectus/offering, including the financial statements forming part of it, and investigate to a reasonable extent all material facts set forth in the prospectus;
Consider the risk of the business and the risks to a subscriber of the IPO securities/bond offering;
Consider the industry conditions and governmental regulations;
Conduct other investigations appropriate and reasonable in the circumstances;
Complete and review the directors and officers questionnaire relevant to the prospectus/offering; Participate in one or more formal due diligence meetings.

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